Who would YOU trust??


Our Own…the story of a small, peaceful Midwestern town that has kept a horrific government secret…until now. In a town like this, who would YOU trust??

Take for instance, Ed Bullard (The Husband). Strong, sincere, loyal. Ed is the perfect husband. After 20 years of marriage, he is as much in love with his wife Marion as he was the first time he saw her. So much so that he would do anything for her. Anything. Marion is a lucky woman…or is she…


Would you trust Ed?

Or would you trust Marion Bullard (The Wife)? Marion is a tough, resilient, country woman. She works hard on the farm and on the life she and Ed have created together in their hometown. She loves her husband, yet knows too well the power of secrets and the damage they can do. Damage that can’t be undone…

Camera 360

Or who better to trust than Sam Detwiler (The Deputy)? Deputy Detwiler cares about two things: the people he protects and the truth. The eager young lawman is willing to put his life on the line for both. But in this town where the people he protects hide the disturbing truth, Detwiler must rely on his instincts for survival.


Or would you trust William (Bill) Cole (The Sheriff)? The Sheriff has seen a lot in his town, more than he’s cared to. Experienced and mysterious, he is driven by a strong sense of duty, navigating a fine line between right and wrong. But Bill knows things aren’t black and white when one must do what needs to be done.


VOTE for who YOU would trust!!


1 thought on “Who would YOU trust??

  1. Oh, this looks intense and will offer us chance to identify with a character and see a little of us in them
    As a therapist and a psychologist in training I think it would be interesting to see who we would trust and what that would say about us.

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