I write. And when I’m not writing I think about writing. And then when I’ve written, I want to make what I wrote a film. Then start the process over again. I write screenplays and short stories, most of which are a little dark. I am currently in pre-production on my next short film “The Shed”. I have also finished my first feature screenplay, based on the “Our Own” short, entitled EXPOSED. And always on the back burner simmering is the novel I’m writing with the help of my brilliant sister. To be honest though, I struggle. We all have very worthy competing priorities and responsibilities between which we bounce to and from, and writing is slow…very slow. But I press on.

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Some of my thoughts and nonfictional musings can be found on my personal blog: www.crankycalico.wordpress.com …you know the dealio, blogs about all the run ‘o the mill, everyday stuff in my life…horror flicks, rock music, shattered dreams and chocolate mostly.

And not all screenwriters can say they were…

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