Small camera, big dreams

I began making films in 2007, with no training other than a video filmmaking class offered through the AFI at the local community college and no equipment aside from a Canon HV20 camcorder and a vintage Fairfax Elevator tripod I picked up at an antique shop in Frederick, Maryland. Small camera, big dreams.

As with the majority of no budget, DIY, independent, guerrilla filmmakers (so many that the following statement has become cliche), my journey started with the book “Rebel Without a Crew” by Robert Rodriguez.  That book changed my life not only by exposing me to a different means of creative expression and storytelling (ie film), but primarily by making me believe I could be a filmmaker.

And believing in yourself is half the battle.

Postcard_7_front coverSo with my ‘minimalist’ equipment (I have graduated to a Canon DSLR, appropriately accessorized) and unwavering dedication, I have completed a handful of projects under the guise of my production entity Cranky Calico Productions. I cut my filmmaking teeth on the ultra low-budget short horror films Game followed by Ryan, a finalist in the 2008 Frederick 72-hour Film Festival.

Camera 360


With my third film, I diverged from the horror genre to produce/direct the short documentary PUKER, the story of my good friend and once locally famous skater Tim “Puker” Whistler, who overcame devastating injury and addiction to rediscover the sport he loved and left 20 years ago. PUKER screened at five film festivals, was recognized with a silver award at JamFest in Louisiana, and has been welcomed with an extremely heart-warming response.


My most recent focus is as writer/director/executive producer of a short conspiracy thriller entitled “Our Own” shot in Iowa and Oklahoma (oh yeah…I acted a little bit in this one, too). After successful screenings at Maryland International Film Festival, Bare Bones Film Festival, EyeCatcher Film Festival, and Scream in the Dark, I am now spending most of my time rewriting my first feature-length script based on Our Own and making sense of the multiple horror/thriller and conspiracy-themed ideas swimming around in my head.

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Trailers and clips from my film work, as well as random fun stuff, can be viewed at my Vimeo page by clicking the image below…

Reflection in Starship Screensaver


1 thought on “Film

  1. If your ever in Garden Grove California hit me up I love to make short films too but I am not good at it and I have that book too Rebel without a crew

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