Bugs and drugs. That basically sums up my career to this point. I am a clinical pharmacologist specializing in infectious diseases and biodefense, and I have worked in the academic, pharmaceutical industry, and regulatory settings for over 20 years. If you are a believer in “write what you know”, it gives me some pretty scary things to write about…and I do.

Until recently, I have been living two very disparate lives (a scientific one and creative one). In 2016, I was given the rare opportunity to combine these two worlds of mine, as a health communication specialist. In my new role I explore different media, including video, podcasts and web content, for communicating complex clinical pharmacology information to a diverse stakeholder audience. It’s an exciting shift in career trajectory, and I am fortunate these two areas of my life have converged. Hopefully, the effects are synergistic in my work product and the stories I tell.


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