Our Own

As a result of post-World War 2 paranoia, government intelligence agencies initiated a complex, highly classified scientific effort to develop the ultimate human weapon in the name of defense. Research facilities were established in remote locations across the country and housed the investigative efforts of some of the worlds’ foremost scientists, specializing in biologic, genetic, and psychological manipulation. Despite official cessation of these behavioral modification studies in the early 1970s and destruction of classified documentation of such experiments, research continued well into present day in one small, seemingly peaceful Midwestern town. Through the years, the town has existed under the shadow of these unethical, underground experimentations and its families have suffered the program’s gruesome “failures”. Yet this secret remained hidden from the outside world…until now.

Our Own, a short film by Kim Bergman, is the story of this town and the lives of the people unfortunate enough to be born and to die there.

coming soon

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